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Bodmin, Cornwall



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Dom P's 7xGrt Grandfather, Dr George Demountfryart (1652 - 1717 (65)), was Mayor of Bodmin in 1691, 1694, 1700, 1712, and 1716




History of Bodmin











The huge 1470s and subsequently much restored church interior is a beautiful and cleverly lit space.  The font, which is three hundred years older than the church, has been repositioned in the centre of the west nave.  Many old fonts in England are to be found in a gloomy south-west location, sometimes with chairs etc stacked in the same area.  The combined impact of a beautiful old font, central positioning and brilliant lighting of both font and roof beams is a model of excellence.  The church is open daily in the six warmer months of the year.



























From the Parochial and family history of the parish and borough of Bodmin, in the county of Cornwall (1870), by Sir John Maclean

  George's daughter Elizabeth married Tregony joiner Aaron Saunders, and their daughter Jane married Nicholas Middlecoat snr



Recapping Dom P's direct (*) ancestor line back to Vinsent Demountfryart (early 1600s Bodmin): 


- Adrian Fletcher* (1943 -    )

- Col Michael Fletcher* (1918 - 2007 (89)) (British Army) and Peggy Sproule (1917 - 2005 (88))

- Ethel Fletcher* (Burton) (1890 - 1968 (78)) (c Madras) and Dr Frank Rex ("Jimmy") Fletcher (1890 - 1974 (84))

- "Gem" Burton (Middlecoat)* (1871 - 1953 (82)) and Lt Col John Adolphus Burton (1854 - 1924 (69)) (Indian Medical Service)

- Col Francis Middlecoat* (1839 - 1922 (83)) (Madras Army) and Mary Henrietta Locke (1850 - 1928 (78))

- Capt George Middlecoat* (1802 - 1845 (43)) (Madras Artillery) and Susannah Palmer Middlecoat (Hampton) (1808 - 1870 (61))

- Nicholas Middlecoat jnr* (1752 - 1844 (92)) (Tregony Political Agent & All Round Rogue) and Ruth Middlecoat (Hambly) (1760 - 1825 (64))

- Jane Middlecoat* (Saunders) (1721 - 1801 (83)) and Nicholas Middlecoat snr (1718 - 1801 (83)) (Tailor)

- Elizabeth Saunders* (Demountfryart) (1692 - 1730 (38)) and Aaron Saunders (1696 - ?) (Tregony Joiner)


- Dr George Demountfryart* (1652 - 1717 (65)) (Physician and 5 times Bodmin Mayor) and Anna Demountfryart (Howard) (c1655 - 1722), who were married in the church of St Menefreda (in St Minver parish, across the river from Rick Stein's place  on 24 February 1675-76 (parish record).  Adrian's 7xGrt Grandparents.


- John Demonfryart* (1627 - ? ) and Mary ( ? ) ( ? - ? )

- Dr Vinsent Demonfryart* (c1600 - 1652 (52)) (Bodmin Physician) and Jone Demountfryart ( ? )  (? - 1642)






Physician George Demountfryart, Adrian's 7xGrt Grandfather, had five terms as Mayor of Bodmin (Cornwall)  - 1691, 1694, 1700, 1712, & 1716.  His 1700 term is still remembered 310 years later on the inscription on this water outlet in Bell Lane, Bodmin.  The water is piped from "The Beacon", a hill some distance south of Bodmin, so this would have been a significant engineering undertaking, particularly after the need to rebuild the church spire which had been destroyed by lightening in December 1699.  It was reported later that "the conduit in Breeshute, (was) repaired in 1824".  The water was said to be healthy and especially good for curing eye infections.  Not today we think, but the fact that the piping is still working over 310 years after it was built is remarkable, even if the setting (at the base of the stone wall below) is not now very 1700s !! 





We were hoping to unearth minutes from  +/- 1700 Bodmin Council meetings, but sadly they have not survived.  However, several of the old council papers were found stacked in very wet piles in the room over the church porch, and the county archivists in Truro have done a fantastic job rescuing them.  We located a detailed schedule for George's mayoral accounts in 1700 (summary page below),  a schedule showing window rates paid in 1706 (part of page shown below),  and a list of poor rates paid with a wonderful flourishing Demountfryart signature (signatures shown below).  No doubt there is more George stuff around for the next researcher !  Thanks to the county archivists in Truro  for their help.   




BBOD/288 Mayors Accounts Bodmin 1684-1701


BBOD/259 Window Rates, Bodmin 1692-1715


BBOD/269 Poor Rates, Bodmin Borough - 1713


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