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St Mary, Beverley

(East Yorkshire)





Sadly we got caught out time wise when we visited St Mary, Beverley, back in 2007.  It is both beautiful and interesting and worthy of another visit!



Postcard photo






Recognize him?






A fox fable of some sort - they have geese strapped to their necks we think, but what's with the crosiers?




Fox gets arrowed before cross legged ape or sheep (collared & chained) can hand over the lolly ... what is foxy holding?

A wildman standing at the left shot a fox with a bow and arrow. The fox in the centre transfixed by the arrow, is holding out a purse of

money to an ape which is chained to a clog of wood on the right. The ape is holding up a urine flask.

Supporters - Foliate mask.




A king's entourage, with eagles




Detail: Rider of unruly dog?, king with sceptre, nude woman riding a goat with a hare under her arm  ... that's it in a nutshell, as to the storyline ....




St George on a hacked horse skewers a Wyvern




Georgie finds a big ballsy British boar to skewer



Most of the Misericords in St Mary are fairly bland subject-wise, but they are in very good condition and in particular have not been spoilt with inappropriate varnish / paint treatment.


A more complete set of images can be found here


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