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Dryburg Abbey


One of Scottish King David's (c 1083 - 1124 - 1153 (70)) Border Abbeys

 Founded around 1138 for the Premonstratensian Order by Hugh de Moreville


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Looking from north of where the nave would have been across the church to the south end of the transept, with night stairs up to the dormitory and to their right the entrance from the cloister.  To the left, the remains of the north transept contain the tombs of Sir Walter Scott and Field Marshal Earl Haig.




The north transept contains the tombs of Sir Walter Scott (under cover, right) and Field Marshal Earl Haig (left and below). 

Oddly, the monastic buildings are in better nick than the church, which has disappeared except for the two transept ends.  This is the end of the South transept seen from the cloister square.  The day stairs to the dormitory over the chapter house are on the right, and the entry to the very undistinguished barrel vaulted chapter house is through the more fancy doorway.  The large rescued stone roof boss below gives some idea of how substantive even this apparently modest abbey was.





There is a touch of the Puglianesque in this rose window frame in the refectory end wall.



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